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Negative Effects of EMF to the Human Health

Research notes that EMF been identified to have negative effects on the human body and there is need to ensure adequate research is conducted to ensure that the EMF issue is handled with a lot of care to reduce the negative effects on the human body. It is important to note that over the years there has been a widespread of concerns on the negative impacts of the EMF on the human body and there is need to ensure precautionary measures are taken care off. One of the key features noted by the EMF is it causes significant impact on the human body symptoms of headaches, anxiety, suicide, nausea, depressions and loss of libido are noted to be common. The advancement of technology has resulted to a lot of people having to experience anxiety effects and this been noted to be a effect of technology as it results to many people taking time to adopt to the new technology systems.

Health reports have noted there witnessed negative effects on the mothers who are noted to be exposed to high dosages of EMF especially when they are pregnancy. Over the years it has been proven that many mothers who are noted to be exposed to high EMF are identified to have their babies suffer from spontaneous abortions, malformations, low birth weights and congenital disease. The babies are noted to significantly be affected in regards to the baby weight as they are noted to have low birth weight as they are noted to lack some nutrients from the mothers as a result of the high EMF that the mother is exposed. Thus in order to ensure that the mother and the baby are safe, research has noted there is need for the mother especially if living in a EMF zone to relocate on her third trimester to ensure that the baby is protected and there are no unnecessary skills that are carried out by the mother.

The EMF been identified to have negative impact on the eyes where the people who are exposed to EMF identified to have cataracts and this makes the individuals not be able to have a fulfilling lifestyle especially at a youthful stage. Furthermore, the number of cancer cases that have been noted to be registered as a result of EMF identified to consistently be on the rise and there is need to ensure the people are protected. Finally, the human body noted to be negatively affected by EMF but with the consistent exposure of the EMF has resulted to the people being asked to ensure they reduce interaction with the EMF despite the willingness to ensure they interact with technology advancement on a daily basis.

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